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Rev. Jim Garcines

Pastor Jim Garcines is a Missionary of ABWE

a church Planter in California and State Nevada. He planted several Baptist churches in two states for over three decades of ministries. He was trained to be a Hospital and Hospice chaplain, a Board Certified Chaplain, where he currently ministers to Patients and families both death and dying, to Medical Staff providing emotional and spiritual support, Pastoral counseling, and engaging in Soul winning to all hospital and hospice patients. Taking the gospel to death and dying patient in the hospital is an enormous opportunity.

Pastor Jim, also a frequent Lecturer of End of Life issues, Palliative, Hospice, Grief, Stress Management, How to cope in many Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual issues, Depression and how prevent patients from Suicide and many issues to Clergies, Medical Staff, Clinicians both local and Foreign. He travel to Asian countries to equip Medical Staff and Clergies with Compassions and provide support about the death and dying patients

Pastor Jim has led to write books, the results of his daily ministries in hospital and hospice had taught him a lot that changed his values, principle and outlook in life. He wrote three books such as: The Role of Pastoral Caregiver to the Terminally Ill Patients, The Role of Spiritual Caregiver to the Terminally Ill Patients and The Biblical Parenting. Because Pastor Jim’s heart are being touched by the many Christian Workers that are unable to ministers, he plans to donate those books to Pastors and Workers for FREE to equip their ministries, as funds allows

Pastor Jim preached every Sunday at Filipino International Baptist church in Elk Grove, CA where he resides and doing rounds at Sutter Memorial, Modesto and ministering patients who are dying at Applied Hospice in Rancho Cordova, California.